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Utah tobacco laws

Utah Indoor Clean Air Act

Title 26. Chapter 38. Utah Indoor Clean Air Act statute

Title R392-510. Utah Indoor Clean Air Act

The UICAA prohibits:

  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes in all enclosed indoor places that allow public access.

  • Smoking or using e-cigarettes within 25 feet of any entrance, exit, open window, or air intake of a building where smoking is prohibited.

The UICAA requires buildings that allow access by the public to place “No Smoking” signage at all entrances or in a position clearly visible upon entry into the building.

For more information on this law, its enforcement and penalties, click the links above to read the statute and the rule.

Master Settlement Agreement

In 1998, Utah along with 45 other states entered into an agreement with the five major U.S. tobacco companies at the time that put restrictions on companies’ activities and required them to pay damages to the states. Utah’s code concerning this agreement includes UC § 59-22 and UC § 51-9.

For more information on the master settlement, follow this link.

Federal regulations

Please visit BeTobaccoFree.gov for more information.

Local regulations

Local ordinances may restrict or prohibit tobacco use in various public places. For more information, contact your local health department.

Community resources

Questions and reporting violations

For more information or to report a violation of state tobacco law, contact the Utah Department of Health and Human Services’ Tobacco Prevention and Control Program using the form below or contact your local health department

Smoke-Free Housing Directory

To find information on housing with smoke free policies in your area, use our online directory

Secondhand Smoke Guide for Residents

This guide includes useful tools you can use to protect yourself from exposure to secondhand smoke so you can live in a smoke-free environment.

Keep your business healthy

Utah Tobacco-Free Workplace Toolkit

Good Health Is Good Business

Landlords’ Guide to increasing revenue by adopting smoke-free policies.

Submit a complaint

File an anonymous complaint if you have witnessed any tobacco product (including e-cigarettes) indoors where the public has access.

Utah tobacco laws

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