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Smoking In and Around Dwellings

Smoking in a Vehicle Prohibited When Child is Present

Master Settlement Agreement

In 1998, Utah along with 45 other states entered into an agreement with the 5 major U.S. tobacco companies at the time that put restrictions on the companies’ activities and required them to pay damages to the states. Utah code concerning this agreement include UC § 59-22 and UC § 51-9.
For more information on the Master Settlement please follow this link.

Federal Regulations

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Community Resources

Questions and Reporting Violations: For more information or to report a violation of state tobacco law, please contact Utah Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program using the form below or contact your local health department.

Smoke Free Housing Directory: To find information on housing with smoke free policies in your area, please use our online directory.

Secondhand Smoke Guide for Residents: This guide includes useful tools you can use to protect yourself from exposure to secondhand smoke so you can live in a smoke-free environment.

Keep Your Business Healthy: Utah Tobacco-Free Workplace Toolkit.

Good Health is Good Business: A Landlord’s Guide to increasing revenue by adopting smoke-free policies.

Submit a Complaint: File an anonymous complaint if you have witnessed any tobacco product (including e-cigarettes) indoors where the public has access.

For additional information contact the Utah Department of Health’s Tobacco Prevention and Control Program at

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